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(02-04-2015) Return of the Rats

Rats on Rafts - Tape Hiss
We are thrilled to share the sophomore album of Rats on Rafts with you. Tape Hiss reveals a love of analogue recording taken to an exhilarating new level. The Rotterdam quartet harness their love of the weirder elements of post-punk, obscure psych and experimental sounds to soundtrack their ever-changing city, Rotterdam. Crammed full with choppy riffs, distorted vocals and driving rhythms, the poppier elements of debut The Moon Is Big are replaced by tougher grooves and a widescreen outlook; a sonic car crash of scally attitude, Amon Duul II and Killing Joke. Whilst many bands pay lip service to the idea of exploring analogue sounds, Tape Hiss is the real deal.

The leitmotiv on Tape Hiss is the live-sound that is characteristic for the band. The B-side of the album was recorded in one take.

You can order Tape Hiss on LP on Subroutine Records



Rats on Rafts - Tape Hiss


(10-02-2015) Out now:
Homemade Empire - First Trees

Homemade Empire ventures into new sonic territories

First Trees is the third album of Homemade Empire - the moniker of Bart de Kroon. Compared to its predecessors, the mesmerizing ‘A Brilliant Window Niche’ (2010) and ‘Defenestration’ (2012), this new record ventures into undiscovered sonic territories. Recorded partly with Bram Nigten, drummer from noisenik oufit WOLVON, ‘First Trees’ boasts noisy passages that suddenly erupt from the otherwise tranquil music. Other contributors include Pien Feith, Annelotte de Graaf (Amber Arcades) and long standing accomplice Ellen Evers (The Puddle Parade).

The majority of these songs were conceived during a Homemade Empire-tour across the Pacific Northwest – Vancouver, Seattle, Anacortes, Portland-, something that resonates in the sound and lyrics on the album. De Kroon is a solitary musician who doesn’t swim with the tides, but slowly builds a personal body of recordings on the fundament of his past musical lives; in postrock (We vs. Death) and folkpop (Great Lake Swimmers).



Homemade Empire - First Trees



Katzwijm presenteert: The Last Waltz
Nieuwe release (Space Siren, Wolvon, Zea) + tour

Vlak voor zijn overlijden op 27 november 2014 schreef Corno Zwetsloot met zijn band nog twee nummers. Onstuimig, teder en gedreven: Space Siren guller en genadelozer dan ooit. Deze nummers zijn nu op singel uitgebracht. Songs For A Dead Pilot bundelt dit plaatje met een tweede singel waarop Wolvon en Zea de band coveren, zowel in muziek als in het artwork. Twee schijfjes in één mooi pakketje. Vijf avonden lang viert Space Siren met bevriende bands deze release en de onvermurwbare hartstocht die besloten ligt in alles wat Zwetsloot deed en aanraakte. En nog steeds doorgalmt. Vijf keer Thanksgiving, met elke avond een speciale gast. “This music should be played loud!”

29-01 Vechtclub XL, Utrecht: Zea, Wolvon, Arend B. Blauw, Space Siren Dj’s
05-02 Simplon, Groningen: Zea, Wolvon, Arend B. Blauw, The Avonden, MC Richard James Foster en Space Siren Dj’s + The Howl Ensemble
06-02 OCCII, Amsterdam: Zea, Wolvon, Arend B. Blauw, The Avonden, MC Richard James Foster en Space Siren Dj’s + Dominic Waxing Lyrical (UK)
07-02 Next To Jaap Studio, Voorhout: Zea, Wolvon, Arend B. Blauw, The Avonden, MC Richard James Foster en Space Siren Dj’s + Lena & Janneke
12-02 Worm, Rotterdam: Zea, Wolvon, Arend B. Blauw, The Avonden, MC Richard James Foster en Space Siren Dj’s + The Sweet Release of Death

Space Siren/Wolvon/Zea – Songs For A Dead Pilot
Formaat: 2 x 7”
Uitgebracht door: Katzwijm (KZ013) ; Makkum Records (MR 14); Subroutine (SR063).
Datum: 26-01-2015



the last walz



Space Siren Songs foe a dead Pilot


(13-01-2015) The Sound Of Young Holland
O'Ceallaigh Irish Pub, Groningen
Cafe-Bistro Kult
20:30 - 01:00
Free entrance | No wristband needed
Co-production with Lepel Concerts
Apneu, The Avonden, Dead Neanderthals, DIE NERVEN, Eerie Wanda, The Gluemen, Homemade Empire, The Homesick, kin, Naive Set, Nouveau Vélo, Rats On Rafts, The Sweet Release of Death, ZHOD (Zentralheizung Of Death Des Todes)





(13-10-2014) Dokkum calling
Today we release the new EP of kvltnoise, dreampunk en psych-pop outfit The Homesick. 'Twst yr Wrsts' features six songs and is released on cassette/digital. The Homesick are from Dokkum and they recently won the Little Prize of Fryslân. Two of these three are also part of avant-garde space-wizards Yuko Yuko.

>> order

  The Homesick - Twst yr Wrsts SR061


(28-09-2014] Nouveau Vélo
The eponymous debut album of Nouveau Vélo is out. After three EP's -Courgette (2010), Moestuin (2011) & Daze (2013) - this is their full-length debut.

The album is released on vinyl and through various digital platforms by Subroutine Records (Clear Spot / State51). During shows the band sells CDs and cassettes too.

Incendiary Magazine wrote:
"They stir deep currents, dig holes, plough things up. And look to emote that weird restless innocence that a settled existence generates; something you see in the Netherlands a lot." Noisey said: "It sounds like the soundtrack of your dreams". 3voor12 wrote: "the bands' songs are irresistible and artistically elusive at the same time."

>> order

watch the video for Turning Away
(video made by Niek Leenders)

  Nouveau Velo SR060


(26-06-2014] Space Siren - if you Scream Like That your Monkey Won't Come
Hearing a new release for the first time is always special, especially when it's the new album of Space Siren. Last week we first saw the freshly pressed vinyl during their release party in Amsterdam. A night we won't easily forget, with support from The Ex, Fendika and Slow Worries in a very very crowded OT301.

But anyway, there is a new Space Siren LP. It's called 'If You Scream Like That, Your Monkey Won't Come'. And it's brilliant. More than ever, the band drives their noiserock tsunami into hitherto unknown territories; continuously developing the palette of sound. There's a limited vinyl and CD release, and the album is streaming on a myriad of digital platforms.

>> order
>> stream
>> bandcamp



Space Siren - if you scream like that... SR059


(26-05-2014] Space Siren UK tour

space siren uk tour---

(12-05-2014] WOLVON EP release show
June 04 - OT301, Amsterdam
june 06 - Gym, Groningen

Groningen noiserock trio WOLVON present the follow-up of their 2013 debut “folds”. The new EP is called “bother”, is released on vinyl and features four blistering new songs.

NOUVEAU VELO is currently finalizing their new release and we have high expectations of it, considering last year's brilliant “daze” EP and the new songs they've been playing in recent gigs. Expect more jangly guitar-songs with Kiwi-pop sensibilities.

Post-Hardcore/punk trio TIJGER SALTO recently released their 2nd EP, aptly titled “EP #2”. It was released on cassette by Geertruida, together with their first EP.

>> facebook event



WOLVON release show
poster GIjs Deddens

[07-05-2014] NIKOO - Funsports

Next friday may 9th NIKOO will officially present their Cassette/ Digital Ep "Funsports" on a Subroutine labelnight @ the Effenaar, Eindhoven. With Madensuyu, WOLVON en Katadreuffe.

>> streaming



NIKOO - Funsports

[17-04-2014] The Fire Harvest / Reiziger 7"

Saturday april 19th it's Record Store Day, an international event dedicated to record stores, during which record store-employees, musicians and vinyl-enthusiasts flock together. This year Subroutine is not only joining in the various festivities, but also releasing a limited split 7" of The Fire Harvest (NL) and Reiziger (BE). This weekend both bands will travel across the country, playing several gigs and instores to promote their release. On Sunday they're joined by Amber Arcades, At Townes' Trailer and April DJs in the upstairs Spiegelbar of Tivoli (Utrecht) for the release party of the single. The tour starts on Friday with a show at Lepel Concerts in Groningen.

A temporary house swap between band members Geert (BE) and Gerben (NL) resulted in this cross-border collaboration. By digging into each other's record collections they found out that they have a lot in common. They both play in bands that liked to continue the DIY tradition of the vinyl split single. The result is a limited 7" single with new songs from both bands, wrapped in a 100% unique and 100% recycled sleeve. There'll be a release-tour in the Netherlands and Belgium. The single is released on Record Store Day (April 19) and will be distributed by Subroutine Records (NL) and Birch&Broom Records (BE).

>> The Fire Harvest - Win Some, Lose Some / Young Men
>> Reiziger - Imperial Overstretched

>> Instores Record-Store-Day-2014 NL
>> The Fire Harvest
>> Reiziger
>> Website recordstoreday NL



The Fire Harvest

[28-01-2014] Naive Set - Reclining Nude

Next Tuesday, February 4, the debut album 'Reclining Nude' of Amsterdam four-piece Naive Set is released on vinyl. The album was recorded by Jan Schenk in Schenk Studio. Last Summer, Naive Set performed at the Subroutine-curated venue at the Welcome to the Village festival.

In the week following the first snow in the Netherlands, Naive Set release an album with bittersweet Feel Good Hits of the Winter. The album presentation of 'Reclining Nude' is Saturday February 1 in De Nieuwe Anita (Amsterdam). They're supported by Nouveau Vélo.

'Reclining Nude' is digitally streaming on various platforms.

>> Facebook event
>> Listen on Reclining Nude on bandcamp
>> Order Reclinging Nude



Naive Set - Reclining Nude SR055
The Sounf Of Young Holland II

[13-01-2014] Your local noise/rock outfit WOLVON:

A) are playing three dates at Eurosonic Noorderslag
B) have a new video online for 'Future Truths' (*Noisey)
C) will embark on a UK tour from 22/01-26/01

video by Thomas van den Berg


[12-01-2014] The Sound Of Young Holland II

This week we're hosting the 6th edition of our annual independent showcase event in Groningen. What once started as a DIY initiative to provide (primarily Dutch) bands with a venue to perform in the larger context of the Eurosonic weekend, grew into a yearly tradition, where we invite everyone to our spiritual hometown (and label-birthplace) Groningen. The festival has been known as SR020 (2009), Subroutine Connects (2010) or Subroutine Cares (2011). Last year we decided to 'appropriate' the legendary Postcard Records (/Motown) motto for our showcase event.

Together with Lepel Concerts we've invited 15 acts to perform this year. The venues are O'ceallaigh Irish pub and Café Kult, as usual. Entrance is free, no wristband needed. Click here for all information on line-up, venues, timetables, maps etcetera.

>> more info TSOYH2 on
>> facebook event



The Sounf Of Young Holland II

[11-01-2014] Apneu - Hard Feelings

A happy 2014 to all! Today we release the new album of Amsterdam lo-fi slacker-heartthrobs Apneu. 'Hard Feelings' features 11 songs and clocks just under 20 minutes. You do the math. We reckon it'll give you just enough positive impulses to gloriously ignore your New Year's resolutions. Which is convenient, because this Wednesday they present the album in their hometown. Order it >> here or stream it a most digital platforms.

Some early reviews:
Under the Radar: "Apneu is a group from Amsterdam with classic pop in their veins and garage grit under their fingernails."
Kicking the Habit: "In twenty minutes, Apneu confidently runs through eleven songs that are as irresistable as they are nonchalant.." [Triple AAA]
3voor12: “Hard Feelings provides the soundtrack to dance away your insomnia." [Album of the Week]
Luifabriek: "...slackers playing simple but catchy riffs that stick in your brain for eternity"

Release show Apneu/Katadreuffe
>> facebook event



Apneu - Hard Feelings SR054

Apneu - Katadreuffe releaseparty

[21-11-2013] Katadreuffe

Nieuw Katadreuffe album Malconfort uit in december
Narrominded en Subroutine brengen samen LP uit

Het muziekjaar 2013 is bijna voorbij, maar niet voordat twee Nederlandse undergroundlabels de handen ineen slaan met een opvallende samenwerking. Op 10 december verschijnt het nieuwe album Malconfort van de Amsterdamse band Katadreuffe als gezamenlijke release bij Narrominded en Subroutine.

Katadreuffe is al enkele jaren een vaste, maar grillige waarde in de Nederlandse underground. Je kunt ze in hokjes als post-hardcore, shoegaze, noiserock of avantgarde duwen, maar wie goed luistert, hoort dat Katadreuffe al die genres ontstijgt. Malconfort staat vol schitterende nummers met vlijmscherpe gitaarlijnen, complexe ritmes en intrigerende teksten.

Malconfort (LP / digitaal) van Katadreuffe verschijnt op dinsdag 10 december 2013 en wordt op woensdag 8 januari 2014 gepresenteerd in de OT301 in Amsterdam. Line-up: Katadreuffe, Apneu, Hunter Complex & WOLVON
>> facebook event

Een preview van het album is hier te streamen.



Katadreuffe - Malconfort SR053

[19-11-2013] WOLVON @ Noorderslag

WOLVON is confirmed for Noorderslag 2014! We are sure this will be a lively performance and therefore not stagnant!

>> Noorderslag



WOLVON - foto Laura Kok
photo by Laura Kok

[19-11-2013] Subroutine @ Le Mini Who?

Subroutine will host a stage @Le Mini Who on saturday-afternoon november 30th.

ACU - Voorstraat, Utrecht is the place to be!

>> facebook event
>> Le Mini Who



Subroutine Le Mini Who

[19-11-2013] Nouveau Vélo @ Le Guess Who?

Helmond Healing poppers Nouveau Vélo confirmed for Le Guess Who? / 3VOOR12 stage. Thursday November 28 at dB's.

>> Le Guess Who



Nouveau Vélo @ Le Guess Who?

[09-09-2013] Vox von Braun - interview @ Welcome to the village


[04-09-2013] WOLVON - interview @ Welcome to the village


[24-06-2013] The Doo Run Run - Doo it Yourself

On Monday June 17 the new EP of Roy Santiago's lo-fi loserpop band The Doo Run Run is out.

After releasing a great EP on the Smikkelbaard label of our spiritual soulmates from Leiden last year,
the band played our yearly festival in January and we made some plans. The results are now
available on a coloured 7" with four songs and streaming on most digital platforms. Doo It.

>> premiere
>> order 'Doo it Yourself' here



The Doo Run Run - Doo it Yourself SR051

[28-05-2013] My Friend Television - Joe

Musician/cartoonist Ricky van Duuren is one of the driving and constant forces in almost three decades of the Groningen music scene and played in (in)famous bands like De Boegies, The Moonlizards and
De Straaljagers.

In the last years Van Duuren settled on the moniker My Friend Television, slowly but steadily building on an impressive array of quiet, introvert home recorded songs, heavily contrasting with the music from his early career.

In 2012 Van Duuren took to Schenk Studio in Amsterdam to record a debut 10” EP called ‘Joe’. Now backed by Merijn Jansen, Frank Hiep and Barbara Stok, My Friend Television is a band and their EP ‘Joe’ will be released by Subroutine Records on june 2nd (15:00!) @ de pudding. First single ‘Your Fool’ is a duet with Brenda Bosma (Spilt Milk), who occasionally joins the band on stage.

>> facebook event
>> order 'Joe' here


My Friend Television - Joe

My Friend Television

[14-05-2013] Subroutine @ Le Mini Who

For the edition of Le Mini Who
(18th may 2013 Utrecht) we invited:

Avery Plains (13:30-14:00 @ ACU)

The Doo Run Run (15:00-15:30 @ ACU)

My Friend Television (15:30-16:00 @ Plato Utrecht)

Nouveau Vélo (17:00-17:30 @ ACU)

Entrance is free.
There are many other bands to see, including WOLVON, who play in Moira (17:30-18:00).

>> facebook event
>> complete time schedule


mini who mayday

WOLVON - folds

While Nouveau Vélo are still getting some great reviews for their ‘Daze’ EP, the next release is already here.

WOLVON recorded their full-length debut in the Next-to-Jaap studios of Corno Zwetsloot and this mighty LP is called ‘folds.’. It’s out on Monday April 22, with release parties on April 25 (VERA Groningen) and May 2 (OT301 Amsterdam). All dates of all bands are on the right here.


WOLVON - folds


Avery Plains

In the meantime, Groningen all-star formation Avery Plains also released a great 7” single with two songs: The Gloomy Ones/Lost My Sight To A Spider. Listen to it here and order it >> here.

We’re also very pleased to be hosting ACU during the afternoon of Le Guess Who May Day. Our Le Mini Who line-up features Nouveau Vélo, Avery Plains, My Friend Television and The Doo Run Run. We’re also hosting a stage during the Welcome to the Village festival in July; more info soon!




Avery Plains

[04-02-2013] The Sound of the Dutch Underground

After the unanimously praised Moestuin EP from 2011, Nouveau Vélo has been quietly working on a follow-up, whilst being on the road a lot as well. Now their new EP 'daze' is here, released digitally and on sparkling 10" vinyl on March 18.

The band plays The Sound of the Dutch Underground festival in Melkweg Amsterdam on Thursday March 21, together with more than 20 other bands including Subroutine acts Space Siren, WOLVON, April and
Vox Von Braun.

Subroutine will be present at the label market during the festival. Nouveau Vélo also plays Tweetakt Festival in Utrecht a week later, on Friday March 29.



Nouveau Vélo - Daze---
The Sound Of te Dutch Underground

Vox Von Braun on national TV

Vox von Braun played Pitch Black Heart in 60 seconds on national TV... watch/listen:





Vox Von Braun DWDD

[29-01-2013] Vox Von Braun - April - Reiziger
Vox Von Braun
On the night of the Mayan apocalypse we released the 2nd LP of Vox Von Braun, about a month and 15 'klasse' reviews later, the first vinyl pressing is almost sold out - a second pressing is imminent.

Next to that we're very happy to announce the first 7" single by our good friends of April, be sure you'll be at the releaseparty, the 23rd of February in Ekko (Utrecht). Get your copy in our >> webshop.

In the meantime, we're also helping our Belgian friends of Reiziger with the promotion of their brilliant new album Kodiak Station. Click and see the video for their
song 'Bended Trees'.




[02-01-2013] The Sound of Young Holland
presented by Lepel & Subroutine records

Next week -Thursday/January 10 & Friday/January 11- we are hosting our annual showcase festival, together with Lepel Concerts, in O'Ceallaigh Irish Pub, Groningen and Cafe Kult...

For this 5th edition we chose to pay tribute to Postcard Records, their motto & their logo. As usual the poster is made by the infallible mrcvdrhlst. Line-up will follow swiftly.


>> The Sound of Young Holland facebook event



the sound of young holland
poster marc van der holst

[14-12-2012] Friends!
In these dark days, just before the end of the Mayan Calender, we have some good news for you.

Vox Von Braun finished their 2nd LP 'Rich & On Wheels' which will be presented at >> VERA on December 21 (with The Fire Harvest and Spilt Milk).

The new album is released on vinyl and will be available from next week on, at shows, in shops (Clear Spot distribution), on iTunes/Spotify and here at our website.

Also, My Friend Television recorded this years' anthem for the holiday season, called 'I Want My Christmas To Be Black', that you can download >> here.

And finally, something about showcases. We are hosting a night in the great Kinky Star in Ghent/Belgium on December 23, with Space Siren and WOLVON. And on 10/11 January we organize something special for you in Groningen.



Vox von Braun SR043

Vox von Braun poster Bert Scholten
poster by >> Bert Scholten

[22-11-2012] The Fire Harvest
Utrecht-based country/slowcore 'supergroup'
The Fire Harvest presents their s/t EP during Le Guess Who?. Released on Subroutine as a second-hand cassette with a second-hand walkman in a second-hand linnen bag.

For the complete release package you'll have to visit one of their concerts. The cassette can also be ordered via >> this website



The Fire Harvest

[23-10-2012] Homemade Empire
We've been following Utrecht-based songwriter Homemade Empire since his great debut album
'A Brilliant Window Niche'. After several great live performances at our showcases and hearing his brilliant new recordings, we are happy and proud to announce that Defenestration will be released on Subroutine as SR042 on transparent 12" vinyl.

The LP will be presented this Saturday, October 27 in Houtzaagmolen De Ster in Utrecht, where also Wouter van Veldhoven and Pien Feith - who has just returned from recording in the SOMO-studio in Chicago - will perform.

Entrance is free, but it is recommended to make a reservation [>> here].



Homemade Empire - Defenestration

[24-09-2012] Subroutine catalog on Bandcamp
We've recently spend some time in our archives and decided to upload [abd/or link] our entire catalog to one bandcamp account, starting from December 2005 with a 3" cd of awkward i until the recent WOLVON / NeonRainbows split 7".

Now you can find EVERYTHING -including some promos and samplers- in one place. Have fun.

quote kicking the habit: "Het begon allemaal eind 2005 met een eerste bescheiden release: de False Starts In Lo-Fi-EP van awkward i. Sindsdien is Subroutine Records uitgegroeid tot een van de mooiste kleine labels van het land, van wie iedere release op zijn minst de moeite waard is om te checken. 

Veel goede bands met een shoegazend of lo-fi-geluid konden terecht bij de door twee man gerunde platenmaatschappij, met als gevolg goede platen van bijvoorbeeld AC Berkheimer, The Sugarettes, We Swim You Jump, gelegenheidsband The Very Sexuals en Vox von Braun.

Albums die met de gehele catalogus van Subroutine nu op Bandcamp zijn te beluisteren, inclusief zeldzamere singles, EP's en compilaties. Van die eerste releases van awkward i, Fuck the Writer en Feverdream tot aan recenter werk van Space Siren, The Wooden Constructions, S In Assasins, Wolvon en Rats on Rafts - The Moon Is Big verscheen eerst op Subroutine"



WOLVON - Neon Rainbows

[10-09-2012] WOLVON / Neon Rainbows - split 7"
WOLVON & Neon Rainbows went on a tour through the Balkans and decided to make a split 7" together. The vinyl is released @ Incubate festival this week.

The tracks are now on soundcloud for your enjoyment. The vinyl is released on Subroutine Records as SR041.

Listen to the songs here:



WOLVON - Neon Rainbows

[03-09-2012] Subroutine @ Incubate
Lepel Concerts, Subroutine Records & De Ronde van Tilburg present two afternoons of free showcases in STUDIO (Heuvel 7-9/Tilburg) during Incubate Festival.

As the showcases are not part of the festival line-up,
no wristbands/tickets are needed: entrance is FREE.

Saturday/September 15:
14.00-14.30 || My Friend Television
14.45-15.15 || The Silhouettes
15.30-16.00 || Kantor Tzar Collectif
16.15-16.45 || Vox von Braun

Sunday/September 16:
14.00-14.30 || Homemade Empire
14:45-15.15 || The Fire Harvest
15.30-16.00 || WOLVON

Additional information:
>> studiotilburg
>> Lepel-Concerts
>> derondevantilburg

More information here:



Poster by Mrcvdrhlst

[10-07-2012] Subroutine-Lepel Zomercafe
De Subroutiners kunnen het wel goed vinden met de lui van Lepel Concerts en dat heeft al voor meerdere fijne samenwerkingen gezorgd. Zo waren ze al meerdere keren curator op elkaars avonden, en tijdens Eurosonic is het inmiddels ook al Subroutine & Lepel Care. Dat waren altijd drukbezochte, gezellige avonden.

Zaterdag 4 augustus verzorgen Subroutine en Lepel
een Zomercafé in Vera met optredens van:

- The Sugarettes
- AC Berkheimer
- Accadians

"met Subroutine en Lepel weet je dat het goed zit! Leuke mensen, genoeg bier en ik durf het jullie te beloven: ook toffe bands uit de toplaag van de Nederlandse underground muziekscene! " (MARINKE)

>> vera-zomercafe-lepel-subroutine-care





[07-05-2012] Wooden Constructions
After keeping the Dutch alternative music scene’s collective eyebrows raised for quite a while with their energetic live act, Amsterdam based Wooden Constructions decided to dive head first into the dark hole of obscurity to record debut album People Now People. For two years nobody heard anything from them. Now they’re back. All grown up and more terrifying than ever. This is maniacal, gloomy music accompanied by strange and singular stories.
People Now People will be released on May 11th.

Listen to two song of the album here:



Wooden Constructions




facebook twitter tumblr

Upcoming shows:

AC Berkheimer
16 apr - B32, Maastricht
18 apr - Electron, Breda (Recordstore day)

28 mrt - OT301, Amsterdam ( Subbacultcha! party bash)
05 apr - Het Reuzenhuis, Borgerhout (with CORNERS & The Jagged Frequency + Mat Zwart)
18 apr - ACU, Utrecht

Homemade Empire
19 Feb - OT301 Amsterdam
20 Feb - Lepel Groningen
21 Feb - ACU Utrecht (LP release show, with Amber Arcades & WOLVON)

Naive Set

Nouveau Vélo
04 apr - Paaspop, Schijndel
09 apr - Tweetakt/Kaap, Utrecht
18 apr - Waaghals, Arnhem (13:30 Recordstore Day)
18 apr - Green Vinyl, Breda (17:00 Recordstore Day)

Rats on Rafts
16 jan - 21:40 O'Ceallaigh, Groningen @TSOYH3
17 jan - VERA, Groningen (with The Gluemen)
03 apr - V11, Rotterdam (presented by Motel Mozaïque and Rotown, with The Homesick)
04 apr - Merleyn, Nijmegen (with The Homesick)
09 apr - Simplon, Groningen (with The Homesick)
10 apr - Ekko, Utrecht (with The Homesick)
17 apr - Bitterzoet, Amsterdam
18 apr - Plexus, Delft (11:00 Recordstoreday)
18 apr - Plaatboef Rotterdam , Rotterdam (14:00 Recordstore day)
18 apr - Swordfish & Friend, sUtrecht, (16:30 Recordstore day)
18 apr - Stroomhuis, Eindhoven (with The Homesick)
24 apr - Asteriks, Leeuwarden (with The Homesick)

The Fire Harvest
19 feb - db's, Utrecht
20 feb - Rock Classic, Brussel
21 feb - Weltempfanger, Koln
22 feb - Hafen 2, Offenbach
23 feb - Handstand und Moral, Leipzig
25 feb - Astra Stube, Hamburg
26 feb - Schokoladen, Berlin

The Homesick
03 apr - V11, Rotterdam (presented by Motel Mozaïque and Rotown, with Rats on Rafts)
04 apr - Merleyn, Nijmegen (with Rats on Rafts)
09 apr - Simplon, Groningen (with Rats on Rafts)
10 apr - Ekko, Utrecht (with Rats on Rafts)
18 apr - Licks , Leeuwarden (11:00 Recordstore day)
18 apr - Swordfish & Friend, Utrecht (15:00 Recordstore day)
18 apr - Stroomhuis, Eindhoven (with Rats on Rafts)
24 apr - Asteriks, Leeuwarden (with Rats on Rafts)

18 apr - CD Kiosk, Oss (13:30 Recordstore day)
18 apr - cinéPalace, Kortrijk (B) (with BlackboxRed)




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