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(12-08-2015) SubrouTIEN

Next month we'll be celebrating our tenth anniversary by throwing two special birthday parties in Rotterdam and Groningen.

A decade ago, we started Subroutine Records to support artists we enjoy, artists that otherwise might have remained hidden under the radar. Our very first release, SR001, was the aptly titled False Starts in Lo-Fi EP by awkward i on the glorious 3"CD format. Currently, we're preparing SR068.

Rotown Rotterdam
On Saturday September 12th, we're hosting the first Subroutien Festival in Rotown (Rotterdam). Each of the four bands playing will be releasing new material soon: Apneu, Naive Set, AC Berkheimer and The Homesick. Some of these new releases will premier around the time of the festival. This evening will be hosted by the illustrious Gover Meit (Wooden Constructions).

>> tickets /info Rotterdam
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Vera Groningen
Two weeks later, on Saturday September 26, is the second Subroutien Festival in our hometown Groningen & homeclub VERA; the place where we started the label. This night features performances by Rats on Rafts, Nouveau Vélo, WOLVON, Vox Von Braun and The Homesick. Besides this line-up, expect several DJ teams, another illustrious host and a few new drummers.

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(02-04-2015) Return of the Rats

Rats on Rafts - Tape Hiss
We are thrilled to share the sophomore album of Rats on Rafts with you. Tape Hiss reveals a love of analogue recording taken to an exhilarating new level. The Rotterdam quartet harness their love of the weirder elements of post-punk, obscure psych and experimental sounds to soundtrack their ever-changing city, Rotterdam. Crammed full with choppy riffs, distorted vocals and driving rhythms, the poppier elements of debut The Moon Is Big are replaced by tougher grooves and a widescreen outlook; a sonic car crash of scally attitude, Amon Duul II and Killing Joke. Whilst many bands pay lip service to the idea of exploring analogue sounds, Tape Hiss is the real deal.

The leitmotiv on Tape Hiss is the live-sound that is characteristic for the band. The B-side of the album was recorded in one take.

You can order Tape Hiss on LP on Subroutine Records



Rats on Rafts - Tape Hiss


(10-02-2015) Out now:
Homemade Empire - First Trees

Homemade Empire ventures into new sonic territories

First Trees is the third album of Homemade Empire - the moniker of Bart de Kroon. Compared to its predecessors, the mesmerizing ‘A Brilliant Window Niche’ (2010) and ‘Defenestration’ (2012), this new record ventures into undiscovered sonic territories. Recorded partly with Bram Nigten, drummer from noisenik oufit WOLVON, ‘First Trees’ boasts noisy passages that suddenly erupt from the otherwise tranquil music. Other contributors include Pien Feith, Annelotte de Graaf (Amber Arcades) and long standing accomplice Ellen Evers (The Puddle Parade).

The majority of these songs were conceived during a Homemade Empire-tour across the Pacific Northwest – Vancouver, Seattle, Anacortes, Portland-, something that resonates in the sound and lyrics on the album. De Kroon is a solitary musician who doesn’t swim with the tides, but slowly builds a personal body of recordings on the fundament of his past musical lives; in postrock (We vs. Death) and folkpop (Great Lake Swimmers).



Homemade Empire - First Trees



Katzwijm presenteert: The Last Waltz
Nieuwe release (Space Siren, Wolvon, Zea) + tour

Vlak voor zijn overlijden op 27 november 2014 schreef Corno Zwetsloot met zijn band nog twee nummers. Onstuimig, teder en gedreven: Space Siren guller en genadelozer dan ooit. Deze nummers zijn nu op singel uitgebracht. Songs For A Dead Pilot bundelt dit plaatje met een tweede singel waarop Wolvon en Zea de band coveren, zowel in muziek als in het artwork. Twee schijfjes in één mooi pakketje. Vijf avonden lang viert Space Siren met bevriende bands deze release en de onvermurwbare hartstocht die besloten ligt in alles wat Zwetsloot deed en aanraakte. En nog steeds doorgalmt. Vijf keer Thanksgiving, met elke avond een speciale gast. “This music should be played loud!”

29-01 Vechtclub XL, Utrecht: Zea, Wolvon, Arend B. Blauw, Space Siren Dj’s
05-02 Simplon, Groningen: Zea, Wolvon, Arend B. Blauw, The Avonden, MC Richard James Foster en Space Siren Dj’s + The Howl Ensemble
06-02 OCCII, Amsterdam: Zea, Wolvon, Arend B. Blauw, The Avonden, MC Richard James Foster en Space Siren Dj’s + Dominic Waxing Lyrical (UK)
07-02 Next To Jaap Studio, Voorhout: Zea, Wolvon, Arend B. Blauw, The Avonden, MC Richard James Foster en Space Siren Dj’s + Lena & Janneke
12-02 Worm, Rotterdam: Zea, Wolvon, Arend B. Blauw, The Avonden, MC Richard James Foster en Space Siren Dj’s + The Sweet Release of Death

Space Siren/Wolvon/Zea – Songs For A Dead Pilot
Formaat: 2 x 7”
Uitgebracht door: Katzwijm (KZ013) ; Makkum Records (MR 14); Subroutine (SR063).
Datum: 26-01-2015



the last walz



Space Siren Songs foe a dead Pilot


(13-01-2015) The Sound Of Young Holland
O'Ceallaigh Irish Pub, Groningen
Cafe-Bistro Kult
20:30 - 01:00
Free entrance | No wristband needed
Co-production with Lepel Concerts
Apneu, The Avonden, Dead Neanderthals, DIE NERVEN, Eerie Wanda, The Gluemen, Homemade Empire, The Homesick, kin, Naive Set, Nouveau Vélo, Rats On Rafts, The Sweet Release of Death, ZHOD (Zentralheizung Of Death Des Todes)





(13-10-2014) Dokkum calling
Today we release the new EP of kvltnoise, dreampunk en psych-pop outfit The Homesick. 'Twst yr Wrsts' features six songs and is released on cassette/digital. The Homesick are from Dokkum and they recently won the Little Prize of Fryslân. Two of these three are also part of avant-garde space-wizards Yuko Yuko.

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  The Homesick - Twst yr Wrsts SR061





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Upcoming shows:

SubrouTIEN celebrating 10 years Subroutine Records
12 sep - Rotown, Rotterdam with Apneu, Naive Set, AC Berkheimer and The Homesick
26 sep - VERA, Groningen with Rats on Rafts, Nouveau Vélo, WOLVON, Vox Von Braun and The Homesick

AC Berkheimer

12 sep - Rotown, Rotterdam (SubrouTIEN)

12 sep - Rotown, Rotterdam (SubrouTIEN)

Naive Set
12 sep - Rotown, Rotterdam (SubrouTIEN)

Nouveau Vélo
26 sep - VERA, Groningen
23 okt - Tuchthuis, Eindhoven

Rats on Rafts
05 sep - E-pop, Epe
05 sep - Fabrique Mozaique, Rotterdam
05 sep - Bibelot, Dordrecht
06 sep - Bruis, Maatricht
12 sep - Big next Festival, Gent
15 sep - Incubate, Tilburg
19 sep - Baroeg open air, Rotterdam
19 sep - Nacht van Kunst & Kennis, Leiden
26 sep - VERA, Groningen (SubrouTIEN)
03 okt - Play Festival, Hasselt
08 okt - Nijdrop, Opwijk
09 okt - 4AD, Diksmuide

The Homesick
20 sep - Incubate, Tilburg
26 sep - VERA, Groningen (SubrouTIEN)
23 okt - Tuchthuis, Eindhoven

Vox von Braun
26 sep - VERA, Groningen (SubrouTIEN)

26 sep - VERA, Groningen (SubrouTIEN)




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