A band that provides contrasts, Price has been operating as an outlet for the psychier side of Marnix Visscher’s songwriting. Switching up between dreamy acid-saturated guitars and nightmarish doom ridden walls of sound, narrated by Visscher’s melodic vocals. Having it’s fair share of lineups changes it became clear that no matter what, Price, in and of itself, is a vessel for storytelling.

Timesaver, Shape changer, Earthquaker

With their debut release ‘Timesaver’ Price shows their songwriting prowess. Written over a year with mostly a five man band formation. The lineup consisting of: Nigel Slaa, Leon Harms, Sjors Schaap, Sam Verbeek and Marnix Visscher. The full length spans about 40 minutes in which you are transported through different settings. From the dreamlike ‘(Text Based Dungeon Crawler)’ to the story of a man burdened with Lycanthropy on ‘Lycan’. Price borrows heavily from fantasy themes with a tendency for a moral of the story type of narration not unlike the old greek mythology. Stacking guitars and keys on top of a steady backbeat of pummeling drums and bass. But also knowing when to back down, as shown on Mute City,  which was tracked live in a big marble hallway and feels like a porcelain doll that’s on the verge of breaking. On the opener ‘Remains Of Dwellings’ The heavy guitars almost drown out Visscher’s melodic end of the world preaching, giving the feeling as if there’s a constant struggle between melodies and harsh noise. Though never overshadowing their sensibilities for pop hooks. ‘Timesaver’ listens like a swiss army knife, every song bringing something different. But as a whole something worthwhile enough to always have it on you.