Born out of endless COVID-lockdowns and an indomitable creative force, Tramhaus is the sonic project of a group of friends who share a love for everything that touches the realm of post-punk. Tramhaus is a band that feels most comfortable in the unknown and the impassable. Through those challenges it keeps reinventing itself, although a solid ground of an overwhelming energy is always guaranteed. Despite their shared love for post-punk, the musicians prefer to look over the boundaries of said genre. Therefore, they are not afraid to sonically move in unexpected ways. Lyrically the band also likes to cross borders: from outspoken punk songs about failing governments to introspective ballads on suicidal emotions. Altogether this creates an unforgettable live experience, which is praised internationally for its energy and liveliness.

After a successful appearance at the showcase festival EurosonicNoorderslag in 2022, the band has been a hot attraction for many bookers Europa-wide. For this year the band’s planning is to go on tours through south and central-Europe, with many shows in the offing. In the summer, Tramhaus will play on multiple well-known festivals such as Best Kept Secret, Grauzone and Hop Pop Hop festival. According to multiple leading music journalists, Tramhaus has the potential to grow out into an international sensation in the coming years; a live act not to miss.