Apneu – Silvester [SR101] LP


Brand new LP by Apneu, a.k.a. the headmasters of the buzzy Amsterdam School of Catchy Guitar Pop

‘Silvester’ is Apneu’s fourth album and it marks the band’s first new release in four years. ‘Silvester’ finds the band jolting into their second decade with a newfound sense of urgency, exploring new moods and sounds. Recorded live in an inspired five-day streak, the album is somehow both their rawest and most accomplished. Confidently, Apneu add to their palette a cutthroat sincerity, ominous noise and dissonant melancholy. At the same time, it’s all still there: the top notch songwriting, the good hair and a trademark restlessness that serves as a surefire guarantee against boredom.

‘Silvester’ will be released in September 2020.

Orders will be shipped after the release date.

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