Euroboy + Alicia Breton Ferrer – Sacrificial Chanting Mood [GC012] LP


Sacrificial Chanting Mood is the result an ongoing musical chain-letter by Alicia Breton Ferrer and Doortje Hiddema. They aspire a future of staying indoors and reading books, ideally whilst under covers, accompanied by dogs. Both recorded and released solo debut albums during pandemic lockdowns which sparked mutual appreciation and the idea of collaboration.

The two have been writing and recording music for over a decade, respectively with noiserock bands The Sweet Release of Death and Neighbours Burning Neighbours and Euroboy, Real Derek and (since 2021) Rats on Rafts.

Layers of sound were added in a back-and-forth process. The two wired hermits steadily crafted an intriguing, often melancholic body of work. Several songs on Sacrifical Chanting Mood are constructed from drones of dubbed choirs and vocal patterns, even when theysound like instruments.

Sacrificial Chanting Mood will be released on vinyl in September, the album can already be pre-ordered. Orders will be shipped after the release date. 

A01 Memento Mori
A02 Reading Glasses
A03 User ID
A04 Sick
A05 Bright

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