Pre-order: Autorijdend Nederland – Group Theory [SR124] 12″ EP


The EP ‘Group Theory’ by the band Autorijdend Nederland was released (digital) in the summer of 2023, without much fanfare. The band, consisting of two brothers and their best friend, had been playing together since elementary school, also in bands, but always under the radar. Until now. In 2023, Subroutine Recs received a request from a friend of the label: ‘Please release the EP by Autorijdend Nederland because it’s awesome.’ This is no exaggeration. Leaning on the foundation of 1990s slacker rock, ‘Group Theory’ is packed with the sound that Subroutine Recs loves.
Releasedate: 15-05-2024 [DELAYED], orders will be shipped after the release date.

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