Global Charming – Mediocre, brutal [SR108] LP/CD


Global Charming are a post-punk quartet emerging from the Amsterdam underground, exorcising the banality of everyday life. On their album ‘Mediocre, brutal’, the band explore the monotony of daily routines, survival of the dullest kind; because boring is intense.

Fueled by the lingering energy of repetitive rhythm, the band’s album is loaded with sharp jolts and wayward guitars breaking free from frustration. Lyrics about cutlery and new coats blend with Global Charming’s lean compositions, marked by playful synths and percussion.

The group, made up of familiar figures in the Dutch underground scene as musicians, record producers and visual artists, recorded the album at Schenk Studio, Amsterdam. Debut ‘Mediocre, brutal’ was self-produced and mixed by Mikey Young.

Forthcoming debut album ‘Mediocre, brutal’ out October 9 on Subroutine Records.

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