The Homesick – Youth Hunt [SR077] LP


The Homesick – Youth Hunt
[SR077] LP
Releasedate 10 maart 2017

The Guardian: “Their debut album, Youth Hunt […] burns with angular guitars and menacing chugs, the spry jangle of Gucci Gucci and the coiled tension of Half Aryan updating Pink Flag-era Wire for millennials while delivering a healthy dose of humour.

Subroutine’s cooperation with The Homesick started in 2014, when the band first appeared on our radar at a band contest in their home province of Fryslân. Three weeks after that gig, we invited them to open for Rats on Rafts in our spiritual home Irish Pub O’Ceallaigh in Groningen. In October that year, we released the ‘Twst Yr Wrsts’ EP as a limited cassette. Still underage, the band built up a formidable live-reputation and somewhat of a cult status, being three kids from Dokkum, the northernmost town in The Netherlands, mostly known for the martyrdom of St. Boniface in 754. A second physical release, the ‘Boys / Stereo Lisa’ 7” single, followed in Autumn 2015.

Internationally the band gained traction after their performance at leading showcase festival MENT Ljubljana in Slovenia, following the release of their debut album ‘Youth Hunt’ in March 2017. The Homesick toured in over 20 countries, recorded a session for KEXP Seattle, was highlighted by The Guardian, The Quietus & Drowned in Sound, got airplay at BBC Radio & from Iggy Pop and performed at numerous festivals, including Tallinn Music Week (EE), Bad Bonn Kilbi (CH), Le Guess Who (NL), Liverpool Psych Fest (UK), ESNS (NL), Trans Musicales (FR), Waves Vienna (AU), LUC Fest (TW), SXSW (US), Best Kept Secret (NL) & The Great Escape (UK).

In November 2019 the band announced that their second album ‘The Big Exercise’ was going to be released by Sub Pop in February 2020. An international transfer that made us proud, at fiercely independent Dutch underground label Subroutine. Our best memories include the band performing in abovementioned pub, at Groningen DIY venue Lepel Concerts, in a cafeteria goes rock-venue in Dokkum or in a ridiculously packed, heaving Kvaka22 in Belgrade.

We are happy to be able to share with you an important chapter of the continuing story of the band: their internationally acclaimed debut album ‘Youth Hunt’.

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