Melle Kromhout – Most of the Light Passes Through [GC014] CD


Building on the fresh start of his solo debut, ‘Object Constancy,’ released in 2021, Melle Kromhout continues with ‘Most of the Light Passes Through.’ While the debut album was the result of a creative process spanning from 2017 to 2020, recorded in living rooms, studios, and even trains and planes, ‘Most of the Light Passes Through’ exhibits a more cohesive whole.

About ‘Most of the Light Passes Through,’ Kromhout says, “‘Object Constancy’ aimed to prove to myself that I could satisfactorily complete an album; once that was achieved, a switch was flipped, and the ideas kept flowing.

Featuring live-played parts, primarily by former bandmate Oskar Glasbergen, ‘Most of the Light Passes Through’ is darker and more ominous than its predecessor. With a duration just under 40 minutes, the album is intended to be experienced in its entirety, ranging from slow synthesizer bombast to post-rock eruptions.

For the mix and mastering, Kromhout enlisted the assistance of Lasse Marhaug, known for his work with artists such as Jenny Hval and Kelly Lee Owens. Marhaug’s work contributes to the album’s organic depth.

Release date: 15/12/2023. 

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