Melle Kromhout – Object Constancy [GC004] CD


Melle Kromhout lives in Amsterdam, is a sound scientist and makes industrial music with the noise duo Glice. In addition, he has been making lo-fi electronic music for almost 20 years, which hardly extended beyond attic and student rooms. A lockdown gave him the space to refine and, above all, finish old and new ideas. The time has now come to step out of the shadows.

Object Constancy contains 11 tracks. Some elements go back to the attic room of 20 years ago, but most of the material was recorded and put together like a puzzle between 2017 and 2020; in different living rooms, in studios and sometimes even on the road by train or plane. The album plays with sounds that you may or may not be able to place and is always looking for the middle ground: between recognizable and alienating, between pop and experiment, between lo-fi and hi-fi, between acoustic and electronic.

Releasedate: 04-06-2021
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